Welcome to Bremen

It is our great pleasure to inviting you to the nanoManufacturing conference 2014 in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, located in the heart of North Germany.

This city can look back over a thousand years of trade and industrial heritage. A many centuries long history is reflected in the historic city centre of Bremen with the outstanding highlights of the town hall and Roland statue which were both added to the UNESCO World Heritage in 2004.

For many centuries, Bremen grew and gained importance in trading and maritime activities.

Today, Bremen has developed into a city with a strong focus on science, industry and technology. Several of the biggest technology leaders in their respective fields are located in Bremen including Daimler, Airbus, ArcelorMittal and Anheuser-Busch (Beck’s beer). A wide range of cultural events and entertainment is available and make Bremen an exciting place to live.

A major player in innovation is the University of Bremen with more than 20,000 students, 285 professors and around 1,900 scientific employees. As a result of its outstanding academic work over the last years the University of Bremen was granted, for it’s programme “Ambitious and Agile”, to be one of eleven Universities of Excellence in Germany.

In this environment of academics, industry, culture and history I warmly invite you to discuss the wide range of present and future possibilities of micro- and nanotechnology. The nanoManufacturing conference 2014 provides an excellent stage to demonstrate and discuss the latest innovations and products in the field of precision and ultra precision engineering.

The conference is co-organized by the Collaborative Research Center SFB 747 “Micro Metal Forming”. It is therefore our great pleasure to extend the scope of the conference and to invite contributions also within the field of micro forming, micro mold making and related areas.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Bremen in July 2014!

Professor E. Brinksmeier
Chairman of Organizing of nanoManufacturing conference 2014

Dr. O. Riemer
Chairman of Organizing of nanoManufacturing conference 2014


Global trends towards miniaturization have opened new fields in science and technology. The push for nanotechnology has extended the field of manufacturing so that a new discipline known as nanomanufacturing has emerged. Nanomanufacturing encompasses the synthesis of material sciences, fabrication of devices and systems, characterization methods and applications of nanoscience and nanotechnologies.

In 2014, the nanoMan conference proceeds for the first time to Europe. I am delighted to invite you to Germany, where significant advancements in precision engineering pioneered from key inventions and pivotal technologies. Many industrial sectors meaningful to nanomanufacturing such as automotive, medical equipment, aerospace, machining and micro-electronics are located in Germany.

The 4th International Conference on Nanomanufacturing (nanoMan2014) aims to provide an exciting platform for the international exchange of latest research advances and findings in the field. It also intends to promote the sharing of ideas as well as to foster R&D collaborations amongst academia, research institutions and relevant industries.

On behalf of the International Society for Nanomanufacturing (ISNM), you are cordially invited to participate in and contribute to the nanoMan2014 conference in Bremen.

Professor F. Z. Fang
Chairman of the 4th International Conference on Nanomanufacturing (nanoMan2014) &
President of the International Society for NanoManufacturing (ISNM)

Scientific Topics

The nanoMan Conference series is a biennial, travelling conference initiated by the International Society for NanoManufacturing ISNM with the first conference held in 2008 in Singapore.

The objective of this conference is to bring together researcher, scientist and engineers from around the world to present and discuss new developments in the field of micro and nanotechnologies.

The Fourth International Conference on nanoManufacturing will be held in July 2014 in Bremen, Germany. The focus of the nanoMan conference series is on the development and exploitation of leading micro and nanotechnologies and will be continued for the Bremen event.

Major topics are:

  • Ultra- and Nanoprecision machining
  • Laser fabrication
  • Micro forming technologies
  • Nano metrology and characterization
  • Optics and interferometry
  • Nano and micro systems
  • Materials for micro- and nanotechnology
  • Micro/nano patterning
  • Nano silicon fabrication and devices
  • Freeform machining
  • Ultraprecision grinding
  • FIB and e-beam based fabrication
  • Surface modification and coating technology
  • Micro injection molding technology
  • Plastic/glass molding technology
  • Sustainable manufacturing technology

In addition to keynote, oral and poster presentations, a networking dinner and lab tours at the university will complete the conference program.

Key Dates

Abstracts due January 15, 2014
Notification of acceptance February 05, 2014
Late abstracts March 28, 2014
Papers due April 04, 2014
Reviewed comments returned to author April 30, 2014
Early registration May 23, 2014
Final paper submission June 08, 2014


International advisory committee
Chairman: Prof. F. Z. Fang University of Tianjin, China
Co-Chairman: Prof. J. Luo University of Bolton, UK
Prof. F. Z. Fang University of Tianjin, China
Prof. Y. Guo University of Alabama, USA
Prof. H. Huang University of Queensland, Australia
Prof. W. Lin Akita Prefectural University, Japan
Prof. H. Ohmori RIKEN / Ohmori Materials Fabrication Lab, Japan
Dr. O. Riemer University of Bremen, Germany
Dr. P. Z. Zhu Tianjin University, China
Organizing committee
Chairman: Prof. E. Brinksmeier University of Bremen, Germany
Dr. O. Riemer University of Bremen, Germany
Co-Chairman: Prof. F. Z. Fang University of Tianjin, China
Dipl.-Ing. C. Robert University of Bremen, Germany
Co-Chairman: Prof. F. Vollertsen University of Bremen, Germany
(micro forming) Dr. S. Friedrich University of Bremen, Germany

Scientific committee

Prof. R. Bergmann Germany Prof. I. Inasaki Japan Dr. O. Riemer Germany
Prof. E. Brinksmeier Germany Dr. A. Ivanov United Kingdom Prof. A. Schubert Germany
Prof. K. Cheng United Kingdom Prof. B. Kuhfuss Germany Prof. Y. Takeuchi Japan
Prof. K.-C. Fan Taiwan Dr. L. Kui Singapore Prof. G. Tosello Denmark
Prof. F.Z. Fang China Prof. W. B. Lee China Prof. F. Vollertsen Germany
Prof. S. Fatikow Germany Prof. W. Lin Japan Prof. J. Wang Australia
Prof. W. Gao Japan Prof. D. Lucca USA Prof. Y. Wu Japan
Prof. C. Gu China Prof. J. Luo United Kingdom Prof L.C. Zhang Australia
Prof. Y.B. Guo USA Prof. P. Maaß Germany Dr. H. Zheng Singapore
Prof. C. Heinzel Germany Prof. N. Moronuki Japan Prof. L. Zhou Japan
Prof. H. Huang Australia Prof. N. Nishikawa Japan  
Prof. W. Huang China Prof. M. Rahman Singapore  

Paper Submission

Papers presented at nanoMan2014 will be published in the conference proceeding. All participants of the conference will receive a full digital version of the proceedings.

Guidelines for authors as well as templates can be found at the Download center.

Abstracts should not exceed 1000 characters including blanks. Please email your abstract to abstract@nanoman2014.net.

The full manuscript should not exceed 4–6 ready-to-print pages following the template. Please send your manuscript until April 4, 2014 in MSWord and PDF to manuscript@nanoman2014.net.

Late Submission

For late submission (poster only!) please send your abstracts to abstract@nanoman2014.net until March 28, 2014 and full manuscript to manuscript@nanoman2014.net until April 4, 2014.

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